Gクリニック 9 f


施工:岡本高英, 中澤優樹(ノーブル)
家具:井上隆文, 山崎秀樹(イノウエインダストリイズ)



G Clinic 9f

G clinic 9f is for hair restoration in Tokyo. We designed g clinic 7f last year in an attempt to meet the increase of male patients. Even after g clinic 7f was opened, male patients still continued to increase as ever. Dr. Masaki expanded counseling rooms and an office on 9th floor in the tenant building in February 2013. In the process of clinic growing, we planned an universalistic arrangement with minimum handling for maximum effect. In front of the EV of 9th floor, there is a diagonal stainless steel mirror wall. It guides the patients smoothly from a front desk on 7th floor to counseling rooms on 9th floor. And it expands the narrow space with a reflection from the diffusing light through the original fabric on the opposite wall. The fabric is printed with evaporated aluminum square patterns and weaved see-through square dots. The stainless mirror wall is printed with a pattern which is controlling the sight of the passengers. The effect of the stainless mirror and fabric makes an ambient and linear phenomenon with preserving the patients’privacy.

The office next to the entrance space is for PR strategy and customer care so patients must not lose their way there. The wall between the entrance and the office is very thick and sound proof. A stainless mirror wall vanishes the existence of the neighboring office. The reflection of the stainless mirror wall and the curtain blurs the boundaries between the clinic space and the office space.

Location : Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Built area:106.83m2
Completion (date): February 2012
Design : Yushiro Arimoto (Arimoto Architects Office)+ Maya Nishikori (KORI architecture office)
Construction: Takahide Okamoto Yuki Nakazawa(NOBLE)
Furniture Fabrication: Takafumi Inoue, Hideki Yamasaki (Inoue Industries)
Curtain Design: Yoko Ando (Yoko Ando Design)
Client: Dr. Kentaro Masaki
Photo : Izuru Echigoya